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Comments about FreeHorseStyle:

In  2010 I was traveling in Eastern Europa and I was  spending  some time in Hungary, Budapest.  I meet with a man called Gyorgy Torok who has created a FreeHorseStyle teaching technique. I asked him if I could participate in one of his 3 day basic  clinic. Just briefly,  I am working in the movie industry as a stunt coordinator/stuntman  for the past 30 years (MATRIX I-III, Star Wars III., Blood Diamond, Dark City....).  I  have seen and worked alongside with some of the finest  horse trainers worldwide. The way I can describe the  philosophy behind  Gyorgy Torok’s  FreeHorseStyle,   is simply unique. One of his phrase  is “we need to differentiate  the facts from the  opinion”.  The simplicity how he builds trust and partnership with horses suffering from phobia, anxiety, and so called dangerous  horses  is astonishing.  When people will experience,  and understand in depth, the concept behind  FreeHorseStyle,  they will realize, it is revolutionary.  In todays life, to pioneer  and develop something unique  would be anyones great  achievement. The Hun, Gyorgy Torok with his  FreeHorseStyle theory just did that. I  ended up spending an extra 2 weeks learning,  observing.  training horses with Gyorgy Torok.  I consider myself fortunate to meet with this dedicated horseman who introduced to me the  principles of  his  unique,  non-violence  horse training system.

Lou Horvath
Australia  Queensland

What was the point of the course for me?

It gave me a totally different structure of thinking compared to the knowledge I acquired before. Again, I was reinforced about the importance of the basics. On  the basis of practice, now it bacame clear how important accuracy is. Which means: if I ask something, the answer from the horse’s side must be accurately what I wanted.
A very actual experience: I was always resigned that my horse can go up to the podium only with her forelegs. Sometimes I tried to send her up with all four legs, but she was so awkward, stumbling about the podium, that I stopped asking this task. After the course, I was determined to solve this „problem”. And you know what happened? It turned out to be a problem for me only, not for her! She started to be awkward again, but I went on asking, and the third attempt was a success! She was up on the podium with four legs, I only had to ask her.
So the theoretical part of the course made it clear that the „cleaning” of the mind is crucial, and at the same time a distinct topic.
For me it was also very important to experience that with the help of this method the horse can ’get into mood’, and is able to enjoy training.
In the future, I hope I will be one of those people who prove the gorgeousness of this method. Thank you.


Dear Gyuri,

Although a week has already passed since the course, it is only now that I have time to write. We had to go for a trail ride with my horse, Negro to experience how big difference there is in my relationship with the horse, affected by the training. Up to now, I always tried to avoid the conflict, I could not feel wether I am ready to oppose the horse’s will. But now, due to your training I became braver and more determined. Riding the paths where he used to trot, now I did not let him to do so. If he wanted to draw near grazing horses, I did not let him, either. My horse became more and more angry, and resistant. He tried to run away the opposite direction, but I persisited and I did not let him, as I was already concious about the mechanism of the horse’s mind. If we let him do something, he will learn to do so. During this single trail riding I dared to ask more of my horse than any other time before. Being persistant brought result. After many attempts, Negro stopped setting up his own ideas. On the way home there was a calm and soft horse moving with me. And imagine: it is possible to ride a calm and comfortable canter homeward, too. Thank you so much. I wish you could convey this knowledge to many other people, so that they could ride their horses happily in harmony.
Tünde Kluber
Hungary, Vértessomló.