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About FreeHorseStyle


For numerous years I have been studying the functioning of the equine mind. I tried to observe what kind of problems are there for riders and horses (professional  and hobby). 
Through out the years I noticed that  horses are full of mental problems. The existing training methods are only focused on  physical exercise. Mental problems are overlooked, not solved, even new problems emerge. Most  people don’t know how to handle these mental problems, and increasingly brutal means employed   during training of horses. Because of this  an undesirable condition develop  which neither the rider  nor the horse are happy,  and none of them understands each others reaction.

And the imagined friendship between the horse and the rider will be lost. there will be confusion and fighting, instead of harmony, where one or the other party wins/loses,
Harmonious relationship can be formed, if both party benefits from  learning together. 

I realised that when a problem escalate between rider and horse, the Negative sections of the Mind gets triggered (unconscious, stimulus reactions  based on the principle)
Instead of the Positive (which analysers and weighs a decision): 
The Negative part is affected by anxiety. stress, depression, stuck in painful past experiences.
Will only be able to work perfectly, if we keep their mentality focused in the present time!

My aim is to transfer the sense of freedom between horses and people. so they can live in perfect harmony side by side, provide pleasure to each other, regardless the purpose/type of riding.  I feel it is my mission to teach people about the equine mind  and its  anatomy,  thereby learn how to handle a horse perfectly. Thus, to resolve the disappointment of the riders, who trying to seek harmony.

The "whisperer" makes unmanageable horses trainable. But we should go further! I consider myself not a whisperer but someone  who shout ! Take notice that there is something wrong with the horses! They say that if you teach a horse without a bridle or halter, you can find out the true partnership. But it's not completely true. Pressure can be placed on a horse to break him with or without halter or bridle. I am not  convinced that all “natural horse training method” is natural.

In my opinion what a horse cannot do without equipment in the free style method - that is not a real knowledge.

Whether you working with equipment you may only need a breath of pressure for communication. I respect all type of equestrian sports, as each of them is needed. The natural  horse rider uses the horse genetic skills, and brings it out of the horse. We should seek and respect  the affinity  and abilities of the horse.

The person who studied the anatomy of  the equine mind and how is that functioning, easily can teach the horse just about anything.  If you can achieve that, it is magic itself!  To Reach that level  is easier  than you think, just need to have the right knowledge and  attitude.

One of the main guide in the training is to separate fact from opinion. so you’ll be able to override the existing principles.
(Fact) something that actually  exists, and can be verified. 
(Opinion) an idea that believed to be true or valid without positive knowledge. Most people cannot   differentiate between fact and  opinion.
Only the facts should be developed further. I always keep that in mind.

I do not want to every horse person to ride without equipment. I'm dedicated to show how easily you can refine a horse, and what can be achieved with a high level of partnership. It is my goal  to  guide and help those horseman/woman who aspire to  create such harmony and  connection.